A few things we do at CrossFit Norfolk:

Teach New Skills

or reintroduce old ones

Develop Strong Bodies

and strong minds

Help You Lose The Baby Weight...

before the baby!

Help you Set Goals

and achieve them!

Help you keep up with the kids.


Build Community.

or just give you an excuse to have a good time

Hold You Accountable

and inspire

Drive the competitive fire

that you never knew you had

Fight the Effects of Aging

or boredom

We could guarantee results


Results are Earned. Would you want it any other way?

Why choose CrossFit Norfolk?

Let’s face it, there are lots of choices for fitness out there.  We thank you in advance for considering CrossFit Norfolk.


We’ve been changing lives for a while now.  Our staff has the experience and frames of reference to help you along your journey.  Whether you’re a collegiate athlete looking for an edge in the off season or a mom getting ready for bikini season, CrossFit Norfolk is the place to be!


We’ve heard some horror stories from people unhappy at other crossfit gyms.  If you don’t fit a mold, you are invisible.  This is not the case at CrossFit Norfolk.  Our friendliness is a culture from the owners to the coaches to the cleaning crew.  We serve the members.  We take our training seriously but maintain a non intimidating atmosphere.


Our services are invaluable, period.  However, we make it affordable for a whole family to train…and they should.


Look No Further. Get Started Today!