Competition Nutrition

So, you signed up for a CrossFit competition.  First of all, congratulations.  You are going to have a blast.  I’m sure you have been setting goals, working hard on the movements that you know will be in the competition and you have been training hard in general but how hard have you been focusing on your nutrition?  How important is nutrition during a competition?  What should you eat and when should you eat it?  Read on for some answers.

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Inside the Mind of an Over Thinker

Quite a few people have told me that I think too much.  I over analyze and over strategize in everything I do.  I do this at work while planning and I do it at home with I play games with my kids.

This over analyzation creeps its way into CrossFit mostly because there are so many different ways to approach each workout.  This article will be a glimpse into what goes on in my head when I see a WOD. read more…

CrossFit Class Prejudices

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CrossFit boxes have many different time that classes are available but there is often a distinct difference between the athletes that attend during the various times.  This is something that all CrossFit coaches know (or should know) and it will be apparent if you happen to attend a class that is not your “regular time”.  Please don’t be offended by any of these extremely judgmental statements.  This article is completely for fun. read more…

How to Approach Your Goals

How many times have you set a goal and failed to reach it?  Your ultimate goal of (insert awesome goal here) is set and you go on your merry way, trying your best to reach that long term goal.  You have all the motivation in the world and you want to reach your goals more than anything,


somewhere along the way you run out of gas, fall right back into your old habits and after a few months you are right back where you started.

A perfect example of this is the New Year’s resolutions that people set each year.

92.5% of all New Year’s resolutions are never achieved (a completely made up number but probably fairly accurate).

Are you part of that percentage?  Have you ever set a goal that you have failed to reach?

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Improve Your Weaknesses

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“There is more opportunity to improve your fitness, to improve the likelihood of you surviving combat and completing your mission in pursuing headlong that thing you don’t want to see come out of the hopper than you will find benefit in pursuing further that thing for which you feel you are most capable.” – Greg Glassman

Greg Glassman is the founder of CrossFit and almost everything he says is quotable.  This specific quote says we can improve our fitness by improving our weaknesses (i.e. tasks you aren’t good at (i.e. tasks you don’t like to do because you aren’t good at them)). read more…

General WOD Thoughts

Thoughts on “Rx”ing the WOD

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The beautiful thing about CrossFit is that everything is scalable.  For a beginner the WOD(triplet) above could be:

  • 80 SU
  • 10 FS @ 35/45# from the rack
  • 10 ring rows

and it would still preserve the intended stimuli of the workout.  Rx is a great tool for programmers to use but it is often misunderstood.

It is a suggestion as to the weight/reps/movements that should be performed to elicit the intended time domain, movement patterns and complexity of the WOD.

These weight/reps/movements can and should be altered to maintain the integrity of the workout as planned.

A good example of this is Fran.  read more…