CrossFit Norfolk

CrossFit boxes have many different time that classes are available but there is often a distinct difference between the athletes that attend during the various times.  This is something that all CrossFit coaches know (or should know) and it will be apparent if you happen to attend a class that is not your “regular time”.  Please don’t be offended by any of these extremely judgmental statements.  This article is completely for fun.

0500-0700 – Early Birds

If you go to the early class you fall into two different categories.  You either need to get your WOD on before you get to work or you just like waking up early (which means you should look into getting checked for mental instability).

No amount of coffee will get you ready for class at this time.  I have experimented with 1-4 cups to no avail.

This class needs to start and end on time and it always does.  There is no class ahead of you that can run over into your time and most of you have the same mindset of “let’s just get this over with because I have to go to work”.

In this class it is perfectly acceptable to start putting away your weights if you finish a WOD before other people.  You have places to be and this class understands that.

This class is usually a tight knit group of people that are used to suffering through WOD’s before their bodies are truly awake.  They know they can probably perform better in the afternoon but they have weighed all other options and this class works the best for them.  The athletes that attend the early class are usually hesitant to accept new people into the early group until that person shows up for a few days straight, proving that they are truly committed to suffering along their side.

They also double as the “test” group for the WOD.  Time caps are established after the early birds complete their workout.  This means they set the standard for the rest of the day!

0700-1300 – Fit Moms

This group is usually a mix of people that have the day off and don’t want to wake up early or they are stay at home moms (not using this in a negative light).  During this time, child care is typically offered by most boxes which means they agree with my judgement.

The athletes from these classes are also a tightly knit crew but friendships are more casual.  They form because of the positive community aspects associated with CrossFit.  Not the the shared suffrage of the early bird athletes.

This time-slot is typically estrogen heavy so the coach will need to be able to relate to the fairer sex.  If there are any cool videos posted to the boxes group FaceBook page this is the time slot they will likely be generated from.

This group always has a good time at the box.  Unless there are burpees in the WOD…

1300-1600 – Lone Wolves

Typically this is open gym hours for most boxes.  If you attend during this time you are either a competitor looking to get one of your two or three workouts in or you couldn’t make any other time so you came during open gym.

This isn’t the best time to complete a WOD because you might not have anyone there to push you.  It takes a special type of person to be able to push themselves when they are alone.  Most of us stay with CrossFit for the community aspect.  That doesn’t exist during this time unless you bring your own partner.


1600-2000 – Night Owls

This class time is usually very crowded.  The athletes that attend during this time are a true mix of everything.  You have competitors, fit moms, early birds that didn’t hear (or ignored) their alarm and every other category of athlete.  Many times athletes show up early to these classes and stay late just to be around the positive energy of the box.  This is one of the best times to experience the CrossFit community at its finest.  You will always have fun at a class during this time.

Saturday Funday

While weekday workouts are fun, the best day to attend any CrossFit gym is Saturday.  I know people usually say ‘Sunday Funday’ but it’s actually ‘Saturday Funday’.  It might not rhyme and the two words might sound terrible together but it’s definitely true.  The workouts are always fun and you get to sleep in so you should automatically be happy.  Many gyms program partner workouts or Hero workouts on Saturday which always make for a good time.  Come early and stay late and you will be fully immersed in all that the CrossFit community has to offer.  If you aren’t making it to Saturday workouts you are doing it wrong!

I have been to many different CrossFit gyms around the world and have found that these distinct categories exist at almost all of them.  Now these time aren’t completely accurate for all CrossFit gyms but they are trends that I have seen.  Which category do you fall in?