Is competition for everyone?  Short answer: Yes

For the longer answer read on…


We are all competitors.

Even your own conception was a competition.  You won the race to the egg and as a result, you were born.  Your first act as a cellular life form was to win.

Winning is what you were born to do.

Competition brings out the best in us.  It might just be the fuel you need to allow yourself to be pushed to your true limits and beyond that which you thought you were capable of.


This applies to all of us, from elite athlete to first time competitors.  I would even argue that it applies more for the beginner or first time competitor than elite athlete.  Almost all elite level athletes are being paid to compete.  Their incentive is monetary, provisionary, etc.

Beginner competitors are competing because of that amazing feeling you get when you accomplish something you thought you couldn’t do.  They compete to prove that all of the hard work they put in has paid off and to show off that improvement to others around them.  They compete to learn what they are truly capable of and maybe to see what they still need to work on.

Competition allows us to not be the same as we were yesterday but to be better.

We as humans constantly seek comfort but you cannot grow without getting uncomfortable every now and then.  Competition is your chance to get out of that confort zone and thrive.

We All Compete

You compete daily whether you intend to or not.  In your job performance reviews you are being compared to others that perform your job.  That is a competing.

You compete everyday when you show up to the box, even when you don’t put in your score (You know who you are).  Competition is healthy and it is necessary for growth.  It will bring out the best in you or it will expose weaknesses.  How will you respond?

Looking for some competition?  How about you sign up for the In-Box Competition on 8 September 2018.  If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.  You can’t grow inside your comfort zone.  I can promise you will have a great time and you might just learn something about yourself.  Look forward to seeing you there!