Thursday 03.16.17

Skill/Strength/Buy-in: Light, technical Clean & Jerk practice Rowing technique WOD: Grace {Scale to Sub-5} 30 Clean & Jerks 135/95 Full recovery then 1000m time trial HAPPY WODDING!!

Wednesday 11.30.16

Skill/Strength/Buy-in: Front Squats “Power Squat” 21 reps AFAP while maintaining perfect form unbroken “Bottom to Bottom” 14 reps Hold 10 secs at bottom, stand and immediately return to bottom *least amount of sets as possible RX use 50% of 1rm...

Wednesday 03.25.15

Skill/Strength/Buy-in: 15 min Death by Hang Squat Cleans (185/125), (155/105), (135/95) *no minute off after failure- go straight to 50% ascending WOD: 1K Row 50 Ball Slams 25 Pull-ups (advanced add 50 WBS, 25 T2B) HAPPY...

Thursday 03.19.15

For quality 10-1 Strict Chin-ups 1-10 Strict HSPU (10 chin ups then 1 hspu, 9-2 etc) Scale reps and difficulty for excellent form 1000m row sprint HAPPY WODDING!!!

Friday 01.09.15

Skill/Strength/Buy-in: TBD WOD: Jackie 1000m Row 40 Thrusters 30 Pull-ups HAPPY WODDING!!